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12 Great Places to Buy a Wedding Dress in Paris

Aktualisiert: 16. Feb. 2021

When it comes to finding your dream wedding dress, there’s no better place than Paris - the city of Haute Couture.

You can visit the flagship stores of famous designers such as Rosa Clará, Marie Laporte or Pronovias, or have something custom made for you at Fabienne Alagama. Looking for a showroom with a wide selection in an intimate setting? Metal Flaque could be perfect for you. If you are after the most exclusive bridal designers, have a look at the showrooms of Maria Luisa Mariage or Plume Paris. If your budget is slightly tighter L'Empire du Mariage is your place to go for.

The best bridal dress shops in Paris. 13 wedding dress stores in Paris with exclusive wedding dress designers.
13 great bridal dress shops in Paris

Did you already buy your dress in Paris and do you have any recommendations?

Let me know about it in the comments section! In the meanwhile, here’s my list with the top 13 places to buy your dress in Paris.

Metal Flaque

€ - €€€€ | Multiple designers

Metal Flaque wedding dress store in Paris, where to buy the best bridal dresses in Paris
Inside the Metal Flaque store in Paris

Metal Flaque is one of Paris top bridal dress showrooms. It offers a wide selection of wedding dresses from different designers and styles. You will find in this shop some of the top brands in the wedding design industry such as Berta, Viktor & Rolf or Inbal Dror.

The price range is wide, with long wedding dresses starting at 1,500 € and short dresses at around 800 €. The most couture dresses cost around 10,000 €.

Designers: Berta, Caroline Castigliano, Catherine Deane, Ersa Atelier, Halfpenny London, Inbal Dror, Justin Alexander Signature, Mira Mandic, Pure by Inbal Dror, Sophie et Voilà, Suzanne Neville, Sylwia Kopczynska, Thibaut Lauvergne, Viktor & Rolf

Address: 9 Rue de l'Échelle, 75001 Paris

Tel. +33 1 40 15 60 84

Maria Luisa Mariage

€€ - €€€€€ | Multiple designers

Maria Luisa Mariage at Printemps Haussmann is one of the best stores to buy wedding dresses in Paris. Top bridal dress shops in Paris. Yvo Greutert Wedding Photography
Showroom at Printemps Haussmann

Large boutique located at Printemps Haussmann in the 9th arrondissement. You will find here a wide range of dresses that are exclusively available in this store. Dresses from well known international designers such as Idan Cohen, Reem Acra, Costarellos or Naeem Khan as well as from young upcoming designers.

The prices start at around 1,500 €, with an average price for large dresses between 3,000 € and 5,000 € and up to 11,000 € for dresses from Reem Acra or Naeem Khan.

Designers: Elise Hameau, Maison Floret, Margaux Tardits, Laure de Sagazan, Atelier Emelia, Alessandra Rinaudo, Galia Lahav, Naeem Khan, Kaviar Gauche, Lein, Costarellos

Rue de Seine, Idan Cohen, Lili Hod, Yolan Cri

Printemps Haussmann, 6th floor

Address: 64 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris

Tel. 01 42 82 51 04

Fabienne Alagama

€€ - €€€ | Flagship store

A selection of modern and very elegant wedding dresses. All dresses are taylor made and crafted in Paris with silk and lace from France, Italy and Spain.

The prices for long dresses start at 2,600 €, while the average price for a dress is around 3.300 €.

Address: 144, rue de Courcelles, 75017 Paris

Tel : + 33

Rosa Clará

€ - €€€€€ | Flagship store

The Rosa Clará dresses are a wonderful mix of Spanish flair and subdued elegance. The internationally renowned catalan designer presents her dresses in the chic boutique at Faubourg Saint Honoré.

Prices vary from 1,500 € up to 10,000 €.

Address: 86-88 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris

Tel. +33 1 42 65 67 33

Les Mariées Fox

€€ - €€€ | Flagship store

Very interesting atypical boutique in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, led by the young French designer Florence. She describes the style of her dresses properly as “contemporanean glam rock, pure and resolutely elegant.” All dresses are hand crafted with highest quality silk and lace from the northern French town Calais.

The average price for a long dress is around 2,500 €.

Address: 27 Avenue Daumesnil, 75012 Paris

Tel. +33 6 62 86 93 87

Mariée Parisienne

€ - €€ | Multiple designers

Great selection of wedding dresses with prices ranging between 1.100 € - 3.000 €. Two boutique stores in the 15th arrondissement between Eiffel Tower and Rue Vaugirard.


Studio St. Patrick, Aire Barcelona, Nicole, White One, Luna Novias, Eglantine Creations, Sonia Pena, Cymbeline, Pour un Oui, Mariée de Paris, La Sposa, White One, Its my Party

(1st) Boutique Cymbeline

Address: 127 rue Lecourbe 75015 Paris

Tel. 01 45 33 00 70

(2nd) Boutique Mariée Parisienne

Address: 97 rue Blomet 75015 Paris

Tel. 01 55 43 80 75

Empire du Mariage

€ - €€ | Multiple designers

Huge selection with over 150 wedding dresses. Prices from 300 € up to 2,500 €. Four different stores in Paris alone.


Miss Kelly, Just for You, Divina Sposa, San Patrick, Aire Barcelona, Empire du Mariage, Alma Novia, Collector, La Sposa, White One, Cosmobella, Luna Novias, Adriana Alier, BO’M, Kelly Star, Demetrios, Bianco Evento

Address: 135 boulevard de Magenta, 75010 Paris

Tel. 01 48 78 71 49

Address: 60 rue de la Chaussée d’Antin, 75009 Paris

Tel. 01 42 81 10 00

Address: 111 boulevard de Magenta, 75010 Paris

Tel. 01 42 81 07 07

Address: 149 boulevard de Magenta, 75010 Paris

Tel. 01 42 81 55 77

Marie Laporte

€€ - €€€ | Flagship store

Wonderful small boutique store from talented designer Marie Laporte. Interesting selection of more casual but very stylish dresses.

Prices: Long dresses available from 2,900 € to 3,800 € and short dresses between 2,300 € and 2,600 €.

Showroom – Atelier Marie Laporte

Address: 48 rue Lévis, 75017 Paris

Tel. + 33 6 21 56 12 65

Only with appointment

Les Mariées de Provence

€ - €€ | Flagship store

Les Mariées de Provence, one of the top places to get your wedding dress if you are getting married in Paris. Yvo Greutert english speaking wedding photographer Paris. Bridal, dress
Outside the beautiful boutique of Les Mariées de Provence

Beautiful wedding dresses hand-crafted in the south of France since 1999. The dresses from the talented designer Pascale Borrellarochette can be personalized according to the wishes of the bride. The store is located in the 7th arrondissement.

Prices: 1,000 € - 2,500 €

Address: 24 rue de l'Abbé Grégoire, 75006 Paris



€ - €€ | Flagship store

Originality and style are the two credos of their wedding dress line. The over 40 years of experience are well noticed in their beautiful and timeless creations. They have two showrooms in Paris, one in the 15th and another in the 5th arrondissement.

The prices range from 1,000 € to 2,600 €

Address: 127 rue Lecourbe, 75015 Paris

Tel. +33 1 45 33 00 70

Address: 348 rue St Jacques, 75005 Paris

Tel. +33 1 56 24 80 10


€€ - €€€€ | Flagship store

What started out as a family business in 1922 is now one of the top players in global bridal market. Of course the Barcelona based company is also present in Paris, currently already in four different locations. All of the dresses are made by hand, and take up to 120 hours of work.

The prices range from 2,000 € up to 10,000 €.

Address: 9 Place des Victoires, 75002 Paris

Tel. +33 1 76 54 39 72

Address: 8 Rue Tronchet, 75008 Paris

Tel. +33 1 44 56 07 47

Address: 7 Rue Saint-Roch, 75001 Paris

Tel. +33 1 42 96 90 05

Plume Paris

€ - €€€€ | Multiple designers

Plume Paris is one of the top places to buy your bridal dress in Paris. Wedding dress store France. Yvo Greutert Wedding Photographer Paris
Inside of the bridal dress boutique Plume Paris

Cozy boutique showroom in the 18th arrondissement with a wonderful selection of alternative elegant dresses with retro-chic look. Perfect for couture brides who are looking for an original and elegant creation.

The price range in this shop large with starting prices from 1,000 € an average price of 3,800 € and 16,000 € for their most expensive dress from the American designer Naeem Khan.

Designers: Atelier Emelia, Naeem Khan, Eliza Jane Howell, Claire Pettibone, Saja, Anna Kara, Tiffany Rose, Laudae, Modeca, Watters, Truvelle, Catherine Deane

Address: 1 Rue Armand Gauthier, 75018 Paris

Tel. +33 9 54 14 61 13


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