About me 

I was born in Switzerland on a Sunday morning, thirty-something years ago. About 12 years later I took my first steps with a Canon AE-1. As it happened that day, while taking pictures of a friend on a narrow jetty, I took a small step backward with the intention to get the perfect angle. It was one step too much. After climbing out of the lake on this freezing winter day, both me and the camera were soaked with ice cold water. The camera was broken, and so was my heart. But on this day I have found a passion which would from now on be accompanying me on my journey.

A few years later, I decided to attend a high school of arts, where I could pursue my interest in photography and painting. I loved it but instead of studying art at University, as most of my school buddies did afterwards, I decided to attend law school. It was an exciting time and I learned a lot about how the world works. But more importantly, I would not be where I am right now. Steve Jobs was right, you can only connect the dots while looking backward. One of these dots was that I decided it's time to learn Spanish during the summer break of 2010. So I went to Barcelona to attend a language school. It was an amazing time of my life, immersing in a completely different culture.

Barcelona had it and yet has it all, the food, the architecture, the mountains, the coasts, the people, and ultimately its soul which inspires me every day and fuels me with energy. In the evenings, when the sun was showing off her prettiest light, I loved nothing more than to slender through the city with just my camera in the hand and a warm summer breeze in my face. Day by day, the city was becoming my new home, as I finally to stayed.  

In the years to come, I decided to make my dream come true and to become a professional photographer. I simply count not imagine a better profession for myself. I thus quit my prior job and started wholeheartedly and full of passion to work on my new life project. 

After six wonderful years in Barcelona, I decided to move to a new city, a city that has always fascinated my due to its incredible architecture and cultural offerings: The City of Light, Paris! During around 1,5 years, I worked there as a portrait, fashion and wedding photographer. Although Paris is magnificent, it is also a little hectic, wherefore I decided to move back to Switzerland. Due to personal and professional reasons, I am still several months per year in Paris, Barcelona and Venetia. If you are having your wedding there or in another place around the globe, it would be my pleasure to accompany you on your journey. Besides my mother tongue German,  I am fluent in English as well as Spanish and speak good French and Italian (just learning). I am thus well equipped for most wedding parties :)

Awards :

Honorable Mention, Monovisions Photography Awards 2019

Semi-finalist, URBAN International Photo Awards 2019

Honorable Mention, Chromatic Awards 2019

Photographic Style:

My photographic style is based on the fact that I am very interested in other humans beings, their motivations, interests and finally who they are. In my opinion, this interest is essential as it allows me to capture special, intimate moments. Moments that cannot be explained but rather must be felt and that ultimately bring the photographs alive. 

It seems to be in our nature that we are deeply attracted to mysteries and emotions. As more of these two ingredients a photograph contains, as harder it is for the viewer to not connect with it. Both emotions and mysteries can be intensified by the right choice of color, composition and light. Adjusting these parameters to the person in front of the camera is what my photography is about. Finding this unexplainable something and being able to capture it is is what motivates me and keeps me going. 

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