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English Speaking Barcelona Wedding Photographer

Your Barcelona Wedding Photographer


Hi, my name is Yvo and I am an international wedding photographer and filmmaker living in Barcelona. I believe that great photography is all about capturing true emotions. Because we do not remember days or weeks but rather the moments that we lived during this time. As real moments happen spontaneously and cannot be staged, my style is mainly documentary. This means I observe and capture your wedding in a natural way.
Being born in Switzerland and having lived in several countries, I am fluent in English, German, Spanish and French. Below I will tell you a little bit about my style and what you can expect from me. I hope you enjoy my website!

Light & Colors

Whenever possible I will photograph with natural light as this makes the images warmer, more authentic and overall more interesting. During the bridal session I love to shoot directly into the sun to create romantic and timeless wedding photos. In the late evening I sometimes use a special technique to backlight the bridal couple with a remote flash for magical images. 

Bride and groom during beach wedding in barcelona photographed by barcelona wedding photographer yvo greutert


When I edit the wedding photos I make sure to use subtle colors and strong contrasts. The pictures should have a light vintage touch and should look at the samt time elegant. 

Candid & Natural

During the whole wedding day I will move around quietly and almost invisible. You and your guest will perceive me as just another guest. This allows me to capture candid and natural moments. 


During the bridal photo shoot I strive for a harmonic interaction between you and the environment. It is the only time of the day that I might give you advice on posing - the rest of the day I will only ask you to be yourself and to enjoy your special day! 

wedding couple during barcelona wedding photographed by barcelona wedding photographer yvo greutert

... The most important thing for me is to capture the emotional moments of your special day. When you are completely absorbed by your emotions and are only living the moment. May it be the tears of joy, an eternal hug ...