Wedding couple photo shoot after boho Wedding in Barcelona, documented by barcelona wedding photographer yvo greutert

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Hi, my name is Yvo and I am an international wedding photographer and filmmaker based in Barcelona. I believe that great photography is all about capturing true emotions. Because we do not remember days or weeks but rather the moments that we lived during this time. As real moments happen spontaneously and cannot be faked, my style is mainly documentary. This means I observe and capture your wedding in a natural way.
Being born in Switzerland and having lived in several countries, I am fluent in English, German, Spanish and French. Below I will tell you a little bit about my style and what you can expect from me. I hope you enjoy my website!

Light & Colors

Whenever possible I will photograph with natural light as this makes the images warmer, more authentic and overall more interesting. During the bridal session I love to shoot directly into the sun to create romantic and timeless wedding photos. In the late evening I sometimes use a special technique to backlight the bridal couple with a remote flash for magical images. 

Bride and groom during beach wedding in barcelona photographed by barcelona wedding photographer yvo greutert


When I edit the wedding photos I make sure to use subtle colors and strong contrasts. The pictures should have a light vintage touch and should look at the samt time elegant. 

Candid & Natural

During the whole wedding day I will move around quietly and almost invisible. You and your guest will perceive me as just another guest. This allows me to capture candid and natural moments. 


During the bridal photo shoot I strive for a harmonic interaction between you and the environment. It is the only time of the day that I might give you advice on posing - the rest of the day I will only ask you to be yourself and to enjoy your special day! 

wedding couple during barcelona wedding photographed by barcelona wedding photographer yvo greutert

... The most important thing for me is to capture the emotional moments of your special day. When you are completely absorbed by your emotions and are only living the moment. May it be the tears of joy, an eternal hug ... 

... or a hearty laugh with the people you love most in your life. 


I hope you like my Wedding Photography!

However, a good wedding photographer should not only make great pictures. It is equally crucial that you feel comfortable in the presence of your wedding photographer. This is because you will spend a lot of time with your photographer during your wedding and you will share many very emotional as well as intimate moments. 

Having said this, one of my main goal during your wedding day is to be empathic and to fulfill your individual wishes. Being a very open and social person, it is usually easy for me to spend a wonderful and very comfortable wedding day with the bridal couples.

Pricing Wedding Photography Barcelona

To make your choice easier, I have created three Wedding Packages you can choose from. If you are not sure which Package suits you the best, it would be my pleasure to advise you personally. You can also contact me for a personalized offer. 

All-In Package

EUR 2.000

  • Prewedding conversation

  • 10-12 hours of wedding coverage

  • Wedding Video, 2-3 min of highlights

  • Engagement Shoot

  • Between 350 - 600 edited high resolution images 

  • Elegant online gallery

  • Full usage rights of your images

  • Travel cost within Catalonia incl. 

  • VAT 21% not incl. 

Pricing packages barcelona wedding photographer
how much does wedding photographer in Barcelona cost?

Gold Package

EUR 1.350

  • Prewedding conversation

  • 10-12 hours of wedding coverage

  • Between 350 - 600 edited high resolution images 

  • Elegant online gallery

  • Full usage rights of your images

  • Travel cost within Catalonia incl. 

  • VAT 21% not incl. 


  • Wedding Video EUR 550

  • Engagement Shoot EUR 250

Silver Package

EUR 1.100

  • Prewedding conversation

  • 6-8 hours of wedding coverage

  • Between 250 - 400 edited high resolution images 

  • Elegant online gallery

  • Full usage rights of your images

  • Travel cost within Catalonia incl.

  • VAT 21% not incl.  


  • Wedding Video EUR 550

  • Engagement Shoot EUR 250

english speaking wedding photographer packages

Wedding Film Barcelona

Would you like not only a complete photographic coverage of your wedding day, but also a film of the highlights of your wedding? With my Highlight Movies you will get exactly that! While photographing I will also film the best moments of your day. The result is a wedding movie that is both romantic and exciting. Here an example: 

  • 2-3 minutes video with the highlights of the day

  • Filmed with professional Sony mirrorless cameras

  • Edited with special effects and slowmotion footage

  • Drones footage if possible

Engagement session Barcelona

EUR 350

• 1-2 hours of photography coverage

• 2 locations in or around Barcelona

• 40 - 70 edited high resolution images

Get in touch!

Nice that you are here!

Tell me about you, your plans, your wishes, and your expectations. 


You can fill out the contact form or send me an email to


If you are not yet convinced and would like to see more wedding pictures, you will find more below.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

See you soon,


Getting married in Barcelona

Barcelona Wedding Photographer & Filmmaker

As an international wedding photographer, I am documenting weddings all over Europe, from Paris to Zurich, from Tuscany to Portugal. But, I love nothing more that photographing weddings in Barcelona. Barcelona is more than a city. It's my home, my love. Barcelona is pure life, a magical place with a highly addictive mix of ingredients: the modernist architecture, the beaches and mountains, the exquisite cuisine, the neverending nightlife, and of course the wonderful people. Now add a perfect climate with long summers, sunny winters, green springs, and golden autumns. 

It's not only an incredible place to live or visit but also the perfect place to celebrate a wedding. Barcelona offers a wide range of top-quality wedding venues, such as beautiful country houses, picturesque wine yards, venues directly at the sea, but also urban spaces, luxury hotels, and stylish boutique hotels. If you wanna know the 30 Best Wedding Locations in Barcelona, keep on reading!

Wedding Locations in Barcelona

The best venues to get married in & around Barcelona

Are you still looking for a wedding venue to get married in Barcelona? Have a look at my Top 30 list, and inspire yourself with the best wedding locations of Catalonia! In this blogpost you will find Information about the following wedding venues in and around Barcelona: 

Barcelona Wedding Photographer: 4 things that qualify me

Who are best wedding photographers in Barcelona?

1. I love what I do

Being a wedding photographer is my dream job! After studying law I moved to Barcelona and later to Paris. During this time I worked in different industries which I all liked but not of my jobs really fulfilled me. In 2018 I decided to make my dream come true and to start my own business as a wedding photographer. This was definitely one of the best decisions of my life. I love the contact with the bridal couples, the emotional moments during the ceremony, the challenges and variety that every wedding bears. Due to my passion for wedding photography I am extremely motivated to get the best possible images from each wedding. 

2. Just be yourself

It is very important to me that you feel comfortable in front of the camera. The easiest way to achieve this if you do not have to pose and can instead just be yourself. My style as a wedding photographer is documentary which means I will not asked you to smile into the camera but will instead document the wedding as it unfolds. It is when you can be yourself in front of the camera, that you will like the wedding pictures the most. 

3. Nowhere and everywhere

As a wedding photographer I try to move around as invisible as possible. However, that does not mean that I will photograph your wedding with just a super zoom lens. It is because photos taken with a tele lens will generally look like taken from a paparazzi. To capture emotions it is much better to use a wide angle lens. Due to the wide angle the observer of the photo will feel like he/her is in the middle of the action. Thus, the art is to be close but at the same time to remain invisible. To achieve this one needs a good instinct and lots of experience. 

4. Barcelona, my love

Because I have lived in Barcelona for many years, I know most of its best locations for a photo shoot or to celebrate a wedding. If I should not know your wedding venue personally, I can simply visit it a few times in advance to prepare myself perfectly for your Barcelona wedding. 

Barcelona Wedding Photographer: 4 tips on how to choose

Very likely I am not the only Barcelona wedding photographer that you have looked up today ;-) In fact there are many wedding photographers in Barcelona. As follows I will give you some tips on how to choose a photographer / videographer for your wedding. 

1. Style of your Barcelona Wedding Photographer

Every bridal couple has its own taste and expectations, wherefore there is no such thing as the "best Barcelona wedding photographer". But, every wedding photographer should have a clear style. A good wedding photographer produces coherent images, as this will allow you to know exactly, how your wedding photos will look like. If you are not able to detect a clear style in the photos of a wedding photographer, you should consider choosing another photographer. Otherwise, a deception is almost guaranteed. 

2. Does your wedding photographer make you feel comfortable?

During your wedding day you will spend lots of time with your photographer. It is therefore super important that you feel comfortable with your wedding photographer. Hence, I'd recommend to talk to your photographer in person before you make a booking. In my opinion, besides the actual wedding images, the most important this while choosing a Barcelona wedding photographer is the chemistry. 

3. Check out a full wedding day coverage

Some wedding photographers do only display their best wedding pictures on their website. However, a good wedding coverage is much more than the 10 best images. A great wedding photographer tells your story with hundreds of beautiful pictures. Therefore, I do recommend to have a look at full day wedding coverages.
Also, some wedding photographers, particularly at the begin of their careers, do so called styled shoots with models. As you probably can imagine, taking pictures with models and having all the time in the world, does not reflect the reality of a real wedding. In fact being a wedding photographer is quite a stressful job, both physically and mentally.

4. Have a look at the reviews from your wedding photographer

Another criteria to choose your Barcelona wedding photographer might be the reviews you find online. What are the qualities of the photographer that his/her costumers liked most? My wedding couples for e.g. mentioned often that I move around almost invisible while taking pictures. If this quality is important for you, it might be a good reason to book me as your Barcelona wedding photographer.

Tips for choosing a Barcelona wedding photographer

Barcelona wedding photographer: for how many hours should we book you?

Yvo Greutert Hochzeitsfotografie Hochzei

Many bridal couples do have doubts on how many hours they need to hire a wedding photographer. This is completely normal, as many couples do not even have the exact wedding program when booking a photographer or they for e.g. don't know how long a couple shoot takes.  

First you should ask yourself which parts from your wedding you would like to have documented. To do that it might help the have a look at a fullday wedding coverage (you will find some below on this website).  Is it important that the whole day is photographed, from the getting ready to the wedding cake? Then you should definitely book your Barcelona wedding photographer for 12 hours or more. Just the capturing of the getting ready with the bridal details will take up between 1,5 and 2 hours. Is it on the other hand enough for you it the wedding photographer captures the ceremony, the bridal shoot and the cocktail? In this case you will probably be fine with about 8 hours. 

If you do not know how many hours you should book your wedding photographer, you can contact me and I would be pleased to advise you personally!

FAQs about Barcelona Wedding Photography

How is the booking process? 

Send me a message with your wedding date and your location in Barcelona as well as some other details about your Barcelona wedding. If I am still available on your date, we will meet to get to know each other. If you want me to be your wedding photographer, the next step would be to sign a contract and to make a small downpayment.

Can we only book you for our wedding in Barcelona?

As Barcelona is my adopted city, its needless to say that I am completely in love with this place. For me there is nothing nicer than to shoot weddings in Barcelona. However, I just shoot around half of my weddings in Barcelona. The rest is mainly in Switzerland, but in France, Italy and of course other parts of Spain. Long story short: I am happy to document your wedding no matter where!

How long in advance should we hire you?

Popular wedding dates in Barcelona are in particularly between April and October. During these months I am usually booked out several months in advance. Thus, I recommend you to hire your wedding photographer as early as you can. This will also allow you to clarify all the questions and to organized in a relaxed way your Barcelona wedding. Dates for weddings during the winter months or on weekdays are usually available on shorter notice. 

How do you edit our wedding pictures?

While editing your pictures I try to achieve natural and subtle colors as well as strong contrasts. The wedding images should be slightly vintage and elegant at the same time. 

Will you be able to use your drone at our wedding venue in Barcelona? 

Having one of the lightest drones on the market, I am allowed to fly almost everywhere without a license. However, I will not be able to fly if there is an airport or natural reservoir in close proximity. It is also possible that your Barcelona wedding venue does prohibit drones due to privacy reasons.

How much in advance should we book our Barcelona wedding location?

If you want to celebrate your wedding in or close to Barcelona, I recommend to book the locations at least one year in advance. While it is true that there are many great wedding