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Pilar & Max - Civil Wedding near Paris

Aktualisiert: 23. Feb. 2021

Pilar and Max contacted me through my website to document their civil wedding in the suburbs of Paris for the 20.02.2020. One of the reasons why they booked me was that I was able to communicate with their guests in French and Spanish, as Pilar was from Spain and Max from France.

Pilar started two weeks before the wedding with updating me about the weather forecast: at the beginning it looked very good with a big sun and good temperatures, but as closer the wedding day came, as bigger the cloud icon on the mobile phone got. At the end we would be happy with no rain, and so it was. They told me later that they actually preferred cloudy weather, especially for the couple photoshoot at the picturesque church from the 13th century at the Abbaye de Port-Royal des Champs. The clouds and pastel colours gave the pictures a romantic touch.

Pilar brought a bouquet to the couple shoot - it's always a great idea and helps to get nice images. This day it unexpectedly got us even some funny pictures, as all of the sudden the bride was surrounded by some, seemingly, hungry goats that wanted to get a bite of the wedding bouquet. After some hide and seek with the goats, we went on to another location and took some beautiful photos with the white dress flying in the air thanks to the wind and the help of an assistant.

The civil ceremony in the halltown was short but very nice. All in all it was a beautiful wedding, and I feel privileged to have been a part of it. Once more I feel like having made some new friends. It may sound exaggerated, how could one make new friends in just one day? But, there are just so many emotions being shared in these few hours: the nervousness of the beginning, the fun time during the couple shoot, the tears and deep emotions during the ceremony, and finally the relaxation and overwhelming happiness after it. As a photographer, I am close, very close, so I cannot emphasise it enough: when choosing a wedding photographer, it's so important that you feel comfortable with her/him.

But enough said, I hope you enjoy the photos and the short highlight video which link you find at the end of this post. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a comment below or send me an email :)

See you soon,


I hope you enjoyed the photos!

Here the short highlight video:

If you need a wedding photographer for your wedding in Paris, Switzerland, Barcelona or anywhere else, I am looking forward to hearing from you! You can send me an email to

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