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After Wedding Shoot - Ericeira, Portugal

Aktualisiert: 19. Feb. 2021

Ericeira, a small town in Portugal, 30 minutes north of Lisboa. Famous for its constant waves. A surf destination but also a magnificent place to do a photo shoot. At the end of August, I had the chance to spend a week there: I loved the food, the wine, the friendly people, the evening coast walks, my surfing experience of 1 hour (which was enough for the whole week) and the beautiful nature where I did some photoshoots.

The coastline is so wild, so pure, and absolutely amazing at sunset when the reddish colors of the clay, and the cold blue water from the Atlantic ocean, are covered with a golden veil.

But hey, what would be that stunning nature without this wonderful couple that I had the honor to shoot with? They made it just so easy to get dozens of beautiful pictures! I hope you enjoy the following story of the wonderful Beth and Rob as much as I do.

Oh yes, as always, if you need some tips for restaurants, send me an email. I am sure you won't regret it ;-)

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I hope you enjoyed the photos! If so, have also a look at this amazing photo session at the Costa Brava, in the north of Barcelona:

See you soon,


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