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Couples Photo Shoot - Ericeira, Portugal

Aktualisiert: 21. Apr. 2021

During my one week stay in Portugal, I had the chance to shoot with Ainhoa and Tim - a wonderful couple from Spain and Belgium that recently decided to take a break from their urban lives to travel along the beautiful coasts of Europe.

The golden light of the evening sun was again incredible, and made this place just perfect for a romantic couple shoot. During the one hour shoot we had lots of fun, and it is in these moments, when I realize how lucky I am to do this for a living. Telling the story of wonderful couple in an amazing setting, having fun, laughing together and getting to know each other. I could not imagine any better job.

If you are looking for a Destination Wedding Photographer for Portugal or any other place in the World, free feel to contact me. For further information about my work as a destination wedding photographer, click here.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do. If you need any tips for Ericeira, please feel free to write me a message.

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